Tuesday, October 5, 2010


October 10, 1997 at 10:58pm

That moment marks a huge milestone in my life. I had no idea that it was going to be the beginning of what is now the most important job I've ever had. I was given the ultimate gift and blessing wrapped up a tiny being who has proven to be my teacher as much as I am hers.

On a quiet Friday night, Amber Shanthi surprised us all with her perfect self, by arriving on her exact due date. Weighing in at 7lbs, 5oz. she appeared healthy, strong and statistically average. Who would know at that moment how far from average she would grow to become.

Anyone who's ever met my stunning daughter knows how incredible she is. And I'm not just saying that because she's my daughter and I'm a whole lot biased... she really is awesome. She not only carries herself with a maturity that most university students wish they had, she actually possesses it. After living a life that most 12 year old's only read about in novels, she strives only to be the best that she can be. And she smiles that Colgate smile through it all. She is kind and generous and thoughtful and so unselfish sometimes that I'm moved to tears by her enormous heart. In some ways she's a typical girl with her silliness and hating on her brothers, then she'll say something witty and so out of the ordinary for any child that I have to remind myself how old she really is.

I didn't think it was possible to love another human being with the capacity and force with which I love my children. And I tell Amber every day that I love her. But for a long time she didn't tell me... not first at least. And now... she says it so often that sometimes I don't think I accept it all. But then I tell her that I love her more. And she says... 'oh no Mum....I've known you longer... Remember?? I chose you'. Every day, in one way or another, I am in awe of this child.

I'm sure when she reads this, she'll know that I'm already crying as I write it. It's hard not to cry when you're overwhelmed with love and pride. I cry for the life she's had to live. I cry for the journey that lays ahead. For the bumps I can't take out of the road for her. I cry because she makes me laugh so hard sometimes. I cry because I know there are things in this life that I can't give her. And maybe it's not part of her plan to have them... but as her Mom... I want to give her the world. I cry because I am so blessed to have a daughter that's more my best bud than she is my little girl. I cry because no matter what life gave us, she stood by me. No matter how hard it got, she held on to my love and is shining brighter than ever.

My beautiful Amber...

I promised you that for a whole week I would give you a gift every single day leading up to the day of your birthday. Today is Day 3 and this is your gift... in no particular order...


1. you have a huge, kind heart
2. you bake amazing cookies and other yummies
3. you are witty, sarcastic and uber funny
4. you are smarter and more intelligent than you even know
5. you work hard for all the things that you desire to achieve
6. you are clueless to your own beauty
7. your smile lights up a room
8. you share your food with me
9. you love yourself
10. you're a nerd
11. you are a talented artist
12. you're thoughtful, generous and down to earth
13. you face your fears

I could go on for days and never run out of reasons why I think you're the most amazing daughter that any Mom could ask for. I pray that you know them in your heart though. You have brought a love and a light into my life that I couldn't have dreamed of Amber. Thank you for choosing me....

I love you baby girl...


  1. Wow. You just made me cry with this post. Thank you for sharing your daughter with me in this way. Since I've not met her in real life..I feel as though you just introduced us. Thank you. And that photo..stunning! Happy Day 3 of your birthday celebrations Amber!

  2. Rita... I cried so much writing it. You don't realize how powerful your love is until you really sit and allow yourself to feel it. I want to share her with the world because I don't want to keep all her wonderfulness to myself. I look forward to the day you do meet her... all of them. They know you're family and they all know how much I love you. I pray we get to hug you sooner than later.