Sunday, August 1, 2010


In the silence I can hear you
Loud and clear
The thoughts that I dare not speak
For fear they might actually manifest.

In the silence I feel you
The ache of loneliness
The chills of not having
What I've been taught to consider a need.

In the silence I taste you
The bitter sweetness
The blessing of sacred silence.

In the silence I desire you
The dreams and hopes
Locked away in my hearts vault
Waiting to find freedom.

In the silence I miss you
The endless laughter
The calm within my storm.

In the silence I see me
The real me
In all my truth and imperfection.

In the silence I accept me
Flawed and pained
Scarred and uncertain
Awaiting assurance.

In the silence I embrace me
In all my doubt and strife
With divine fortitude.

In the silence I love me.
Always unconditionally.


  1. Thank you George!! I appreciate you taking the time to take it in... =)